About Us

Our company, Dim Dim Sum means Tap Tap Heart in Chinese. Our mission is “Connecting Hearts with Apps”. We strive to develop smartphone mobile apps which touch your hearts and enlighten your lives. We hope you play our apps with your friends and families and are happy with our apps.

Dim Sum is a famous Chinese food with lots of varieties. They are mostly small in size and you can eat it in one bite or small bites. Today although we have different types of Dim Sum around the world, many restaurants are still very creative to make lovely, and yummy Dim Sum to attract their customers. It is really an enjoyable moment to eat Dim Sum and chit-chat with your friends and family members.

Our company Dim Dim Sum follows the same spirit and continues to create many cute and funny mobile apps to color your days with your loved ones.

Hong Kong is the city of Dim Sum and it is also our beloved home of Dim Dim Sum.