Classroom Jerk Christmas Party

Version 2.0 Latest Update at Sat, 17 Dec 2011 Free

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“Kiip enabled! Win real prizes while playing Classroom Jerk – Christmas Party edition!”

Receive real prizes from Kiip (US players only) by
a/Scoring 100 marks
b/Completing Homework Today in 5 consecutive days
c/Completing the Checklist

Merry Christmas! As Teacher says to us during Christmas Party in Classroom Jerk!!

Celebrate Christmas with Teacher and Student by throwing Turkey, Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Bell and redeem Christmas Gift when you have completed the Checklist.

Classroom Jerk iPhone game has added a Christmas Party Classroom scene. Together with the Normal Days Classroom scene, sure this game will bring you laughter and joy when playing it with your friends and family.

Just press the Snowman on the desk to change scene and change Face of Student.

In the Normal Days, just throw Paper Plane, Banana, Ice cream, Eraser, Bottle of Juice, Sneaker, Dictionary, Bottle of Ink, Tomato, Basket Ball, or Baseball Bat to the Teacher or the Student. Press the box on the right side of the desk to get these items.

Also, what do you want to play during Chinese New Year? Stay tuned for the Chinese New Year scene!!

Remember to do Homework Today to gain one coin a day for Chinese New Year.

New features added in this release
1/ Get coins by purchasing coins in Coin Shop to buy items
2/ Get coins by checking Free Coins offers
3/ Check all the funny responses in the game through the Checklist
4/ Complete the Checklist to gain the Christmas Gift or 30 coins
5/ Complete Homework Today to gain one coin a day
6/ Receive real rewards from Kiip by
a/Scoring 100 marks
b/Completing Homework Today in 5 consecutive days
c/ Completing the Checklist
7/ Switch between two Classroom scenes, Normal Days and Christmas Party
8/ 5 more Christmas items to throw
9/ Game Center enabled to show Best Score of all players around the globe
10/ Add marks when hit Student
11/ Change background sound

Features in first release
1/ Normal Days Classroom scene
2/ Scoreboard to show Best Score
3/ Change Face of Student by shooting a photo or by getting from Camera Roll
4/ 11 items to throw
5/ Remove Ads