Can non-iPhone receive these cute emoticons from AniEmoticons?

One of our users asked me: My boyfriend is not using iPhone, can he still receive all these cute emoticons I send him using AniEmoticons App?

Yes, he can receive your animated emoticon sent from AniEmoticons App as long as his phone is subscribed to a 3G network that enables Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

But the screen shown may not be the same as what you see in iPhone.  If both you and the Recipient have iPhone and AniEmoticons App to send animated emoticons back and forth, you can see the message conversation within the Message App in iPhone.

Messages in iPhone showing animated emoticons

But if the Recipient phone is not an iPhone, it really depends on how that phone will show multimedia message. For example, we have a Nokia phone connected to 3G network and the animated emoticons is shown differently from how it is shown in iPhone.


Nokia phone showing animated emoticon

For emails, the Recipient should be able see the animated emoticons in the email.

Multiple animated emoticons in email


But it depends on the setting of the Recipient’s email application as it can be configured to block graphic content to be shown for security reasons.

By the way, we are planning to launch Android version of AniEmoticons App. So if your friends are receiving these cute emoticons from you, and are using an Android phone, they can send to you too. Isn’t it great?