How to buy AniEmoticons App as a gift for your loved one?

When our users have got AniEmoticons App and send to their friends and loved ones those cute animated emoticons, they are also excited to receive those cute emoticons as well.  Now it comes to the question: How to buy AniEmoticons App as a gift in App Store and send to your loved one?

In Apple App Store, you can send a paid app as a gift using iTunes in your computer or through the App Store App in your iPhone or iPod Touch.  As majority of us will most probably use the mobile device to buy the app, let us show you how here.

It is very simple. Go to App Store app and search for ‘AniEmoticons’. Then you will see the lite and full version apps listed. Take the full version, stroll down and you will see ‘Gift this App’ button.  Press this and you will be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password to purchase the app.

'Gift This App' button under App description in App Store

Then you will be directed to the screen to enter ‘Your Name’, ‘Recipient’s Name’,  ‘Recipient’s Email’ and a ‘Personal Message’ of 500 characters max. Press Next to proceed and then Apple will help you send an email to the Recipient on the Gift App.

Gift This App screenshot 1

Gift This App screenshot 2


The email is quite impressive in a green background. Recipient just needs to press the button ‘REDEEM NOW’ to download the gift app.

Gift This App Email


But one important point to note.  When you buy the app in your local App Store, the recipient has to in the same App Store to redeem the gift app. For example, if your Apple ID is registered under the Hong Kong App Store, you can buy a gift app but the code is only valid for customers of the Hong Kong App Store.

Hope you find this blog post useful and please contact us if you have any questions.