Inside AniEmoticons App, where are the funny emoticons? (II)

There are 28 categories of animated emoticons in the full version of AniEmoticons App. In the lite version, we have 10 out of the 28 categories. They are classified into different types of emoticons, e.g. 3D Smiley, Alphabet, Bear and Panda. All of them are funny and cute. I have highlighted four of the funny categories in another post (I).   Let’s continue with the other four categories.

1/Category: Milky Boy

An app review said Milky Boy looked like an unrolled condom!! LOL…Do you agree? Well well well, Milky Boy is a milk bottle. And mind you, his girlfriend has a bra-like thing as her hat!!  He has got another girl friend and she is angry at him too.

Some funny emoticons under of Milky Boy

2/Category: Monkey Yoci

Look at these sweet couples Monkey YoYo and CiCi. No words can describe their level of sweetness. Are you having such sweet relationship?

Some funny emoticons under of Monkey Yoci

3/Category: Onion Head

What a good stock of emoticons of Onion Head. He has all extreme expressions. Extremely happy, extremely sick, extremely frustrated with blood all over.

Some funny emoticons under of Onion Head

4/Category: Soldier PP Bing

Although Soldier PP Bing has a big green hat, we can see lots of funny and cute expressions from him.  He laughs, he dance, he likes to eat and he works hard. If he is angry he will throw you a bomb!!

Some funny emoticons under of Soldier PP Bing

Really enjoy seeing all these lovely lovely emoticons, even just by myself.  Share with your buddies and loved one and have fun.

Download the lite version or full version and enjoy!