Differences of Classroom Jerk and Office Jerk

Office Jerk is a very successful game app. We like it a lot. So we based on its game concept and created Classroom Jerk. Most people said they are similar. But there are many differences too. Let us discuss the differences here and hope you enjoy Classroom Jerk.

We are also fan of Office Jerk and one day we saw comment of a fan said he would like to throw at his teacher.  And some fans said they wanted to throw things at someone they hate.

So we have the concept of a Classroom scene with Teacher. His look is a bit authoritative.   So deep inside us, we may want to throw things at him to release our pressure. He may not give in and then throw things back at you. It becomes a challenge to fight with him.   Of course, the more hit you have on Teacher, you gain more marks, we mean marks in the game, not in your homework or test though. LOL!

Throw Me

To meet the needs to throw at someone you want, we designed a second character, that is the Student. You can change his face by taking a photo or get a photo from the camera roll in your device. So you can put in your face or your friend’s face or even the face of somebody you hate. You will also gain marks when hit on the Student. Sometimes you see funny interaction between the Teacher and the Student too.  Press the calculator / fortune kitty / snow man to move to setup screen to change photo of Student’s face.

Setup screen to change photo of Student’s face

When you keep getting consecutive hits and receive 100 marks, you can get Kiip rewards but it applies only to players in the US only.  Kiip rewards are real prizes like café coupon, drink coupon, food coupon etc.  These are little gifts to light up the game play.  So when you see the rewards pop up, grasp it immediately.

Kiip awards pop up in Christmas Party scene

In the picture above, we have changed the scene to Christmas Party and Teacher is wearing a Santa Claus costume. In Classroom Jerk, we have three scenes, besides Christmas Party, there are Normal Days and Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Scene

We have these different scenes to match with the things we can throw at the Teacher and the Student.

See another post on why we designed these items to throw at Teacher at the Student.  Download Classroom Jerk now and have some fun!