Role Play

Version 1.0 Latest Update at Wed, 14 Dec 2011 Free

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Description :

Merry Christmas!! Have plan to join a Costume Party? What shall we dress?
Role Play is the 1st iPhone game that you can apply digital makeup and costume on your photo or your friends’ photos to show new look in men’s roles or women’s roles.

It is easy and funny. Want some laughs at the new looks? Just mark the face, eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth on the photo and with just one click, Role Play will convert the photo to your selected role.

“Princess” and “Pirate” are two free roles. Go to Coin Shop to purchase coins to buy other roles. Or go to Free Coin offer to earn coins by participating promotional offers. Or share the Role Play photo via your facebook or twitter to earn coins.

Let your friends see how you or they look like in different funny new roles!

Roles included in this release:
-Marie Antoinette
-American Indian

Features included:
•Take a photo with your iPhone camera
•Retrieve a photo from your iPhone camera roll
•Makeup process is done within seconds without Internet connection
•See the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos in the Collection area of the app
•Marking of face items are saved in Collection area and only one click is required to convert to other new roles.
•Save the new look in your iPhone camera roll
•Email the new look immediately
•Share with your friends via facebook or twitter immediately
•Free Coins offer
•Earn coins by sharing Role Play photos via facebook or twitter

“Role Play” app works best with front face photos.