Slim Booth – Magic! Slimmer Face and Bigger Eyes

Version 1.0 Latest Update at Tue, 11 Oct 2011 $0.99

Description :

Would you curious why some celebrities have slimmer face and chin and bigger eyes than before?


Would you wonder if you also look prettier or more handsome when you have a slimmer face and bigger eyes? What about your family, friends, schoolmates or colleagues?


Oh! Does that mean we need to go for a plastic surgery to have a more beautiful face?


It is now possible to get slim face and bigger eyes instantly with “Slim Booth” app like magic. What a nice idea! No need to go for any plastic surgery and it saves money and time.


Make your FACE slim and EYES bigger with “Slim Booth” app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just like magic, immediately you can see that cute look.


Share these pretty photos with your family, and friends via email, MMS, Facebook and Twitter and give them a surprise!


Features in Lite version:

  • Take a photo with your iPhone camera and then magic…slim
  • Retrieve a photo from your iPhone camera roll to slim
  • Slimming process is done within seconds without Internet connection
  • See the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos in the photo library of the app


Additional Features in Full version:

  • Save the pretty look in your iPhone camera roll and then can share via SMS
  • Email the pretty look immediately
  • Share with your friends via Facebook and Twitter immediately


“Slim Booth” app is an application made for entertainment purposes only.

The result photos do not guarantee resemblance to the real look when the person in photo has reduced weight.
“Slim Booth” app works best with front face photos.