Inside AniEmoticons App, where are the funny emoticons? (I)

There are 28 categories of animated emoticons in the full version of AniEmoticons App. In the lite version, we have 10 out of the 28 categories. They are classified into different types of emoticons, e.g. 3D Smiley, Alphabet, Bear and Panda. All of them are funny and cute. We would like to highlight four of the funny categories in this post (I).

1/ Category: Bear and Panda

Hello, there are so many hilarious expressions by the Pandas.  Really like the big kisses. Also look at the angry Panda who turns over the table.

Some funny emoticons under of Bear and Panda

2/ Category: Crab and Fish

When look at this big fish one by one, cannot stop laughing this at this fat fish. Enjoy how fat fish jumps out of water and turns to a heart.

Some funny emoticons under of Crab and Fish

3/Category: Hard Boiled Egg

I am really angry, afraid, frustrated, but when look at these expressions by Hard Boiled Egg, I just forgot all the unhappiness. I really like the one ‘I am watching you’, it is on the last page and last row of ‘Hard Boiled Egg’.

Some funny emoticons under of Hard Boiled Egg

4/Category: Maggieland

Maggieland gives me all the beauty of a lady eating, shopping, dancing, doing facial, blowing the hair, putting on makeup… and going to toilet.

Some funny emoticons under of Maggieland

OK. Hope you have fun with all these lovely emoticons. There is another post on “Inside AniEmoticons App, where are the funny emoticons? (II)” and I shall talk about another four categories of funny emoticons inside AniEmoticons App.

Download the lite version or full version of AniEmoticons App and have fun!