Get free coins in Classroom Jerk this Christmas

Download this funny game Classroom Jerk this Christmas and enjoy ! Also there are few ways to get free coins in Classroom Jerk.

1/ Like Classroom Jerk Facebook fan-page to receive 20 free coins

Like Classroom Jerk Facebook fan-page

2/ Share Classroom Jerk Christmas Cards via Facebook to receive 20 free coins per card. There are 5 different designs and you can receive a total 100 free coins. Remember to insert your face as the Student in the card!

Insert your face as Student in Classroom Jerk game


5 different designs of Christmas Card in Classroom Jerk game

Share Classroom Jerk Christmas Card

Change face of Student and share another Classroom Jerk Christmas Card

3/ Complete “Homework Today” to receive free coins everyday.  Tap “Checklist” or the “No. of Coins” you’ve got to find out what ‘Homework Today’ has been assigned to you.  In December 2012 you can get 5 free coins each day. We may change to other numbers at other time so make sure you grasp this great opportunity NOW.

4/ Complete the whole checklist to get 30 free coins. The checklist includes all interesting responses in the three scenes (Normal Days, Christmas Party, Chinese New Year)

Classroom Jerk Homework Today and Checklist